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Tips for Taking Amazing Photos on Your Smartphone

When taking photos using smartphone’s camera with higher resolution, the quality of the pictures will be better. In case you own a newer or latest smartphone with higher or highest quality lens, you are in a good shape. However, using lesser quality smartphone’s camera can still help you to take quality pictures. No matter what smartphone’s camera you have, they always have resolution setting in low, medium, high which is picture quality, make sure it is the highest possible so that no detail is missing and blurred […]

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Want To Take Great Pictures With Your iPhone

It’s easy to dismiss our iPhone (or mobile phone) cameras, after all they are hidden in plain sight and right there every time we “slide to unlock” our phones. So you can’t take any “real” pictures with them, right? Perhaps you’re one of the many photographers who thinks that it’s not a “real” camera and that, to get the best images photographically you really need to lug around a giant DSLR complete with all of the lenses you can fit into your pack. Even Ansel Adams had […]

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Rolling Shutter Effect Can Be Used for Trick Photography

Nowadays, people are literally walking around with a camera in their pocket in the form of a smartphone. People are taking more photos than ever before simply because their phones are with them all the time. Whereas in the old days you lug around a camera because you have a specific intention of capturing photographs, now we take photos of unplanned and unexpected moments. Because of this, more and more people are discovering the rolling shutter effect with their phones. You’ve probaby seen pictures taken using their […]

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