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Use Your Iphone to Take Great Photos

Nowadays, we are gradually going into the habit of using Apple iPhone to take pictures. Moms like to use their iPhone to capture the smiling faces of their children; Boyfriends hope to catch a touching side of their girlfrends; Travelers like to take pictures of themself to record and share their itinerary experiences at Facebook or Twitter. (BTW, this iTunes DRM media re-encoder let you share your iTunes media purchases freely). Since taking picture with iPhone has been part of our life, it’s time to learn how […]

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Tips for Smartphone Street Photography

Tips 1: Let your phone on standby Have you ever come across a situation that when you see an interesting screen in the street and want to shoot, the picture was missing while you use the phone waiting for opening a photography APP? Yeah, opportunity will not waiting for you. I usually remain my iPhone in photography mode, it supports me to unlock the phone screen and immediately shooting at any time, it lets me seldom miss the pictures I want to shoot in the street. Tips […]

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